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    Frequently Asked Question!

    In India e-bikes are imported from China and sold without any design or material changes. ODYSSE adopted the same business model but realized that such bikes are not suitable for the Indian conditions. After years of R&D, ODYSSE redesigned the suspension, electronics, material Quality, motor etc. of e-bikes, suiting Indian climatic conditions and customer needs. ODYSSE models are moderately expensive because of their detailed material level changes, which are also its differentiator. ODYSSE vehicles come with a 3 year warranty, which reduces the total cost of ownership of an e-bike.

    Adding gadgets and accessories is an external and easy task, which we can do any time. But, we do not want to increase unnecessary costs in the vehicle. Our focus is to increase the performance and efficiency of the vehicle by implementing detailed changes its powertrain, battery, motor, charger, electronic system etc. which are the heart and soul of the vehicle.

    The engine of an e-bike outperforms other IC engines in their top speeds, acceleration, pickup etc. Therefore, offering speed in an e-bike is not a limitation of technology but depends on its design and features. Every e-bike has a optimum performance level, Driving above it adversely impacts the maintenance, range, vibration, heat etc. From our experience, the green zone in e- bikes lies between 40-50 km/h, and ensures the best output w.r.t input. Increasing the speed of an e-vehicle is easy, but it will either decrease the overall mileage as more power is consumed or we have to increases the size and cost of the battery by 1.5 – 2 times. Our vehicles are the ideal city vehicles that deliver best performance.

    ODYSSE does not import all parts from China. However, we manufacture a couple of parts in Taiwan and China due to their low costs. Similarly, the materials used in our e-bikes are of high quality, and not Chinese. With time and favourable government policies, we are trying to manufacture more parts in India.

    There’s a misunderstanding that disk brakes are better than drum brakes. The braking system depends on the requirements of the vehicle and factors like its weight, speed, aerodynamics etc. Low maintenance is the priority for an e-bike. They do not run on high speeds or have very short stopping, which is why they do not need such complex braking systems. Adding more disk brakes also increases the maintenance concerning its fluid, disk warping, sludge accumulation etc. ODYSSE vehicles have an optimized design whose braking systems are the best suited for an e-bike.

    If we compare an e-bike and a petrol bike over 3-5 years, the difference Is clear. For example, if your petrol scooter consumes 1.5 Litre petrol daily for 3 years, the total cost incurred will be INR 1,60,000 – 1,75,000. When you drive a ODYSSE bike, the petrol here is the battery which is guaranteed free for the 3 years due to ODYSSE’s warranty. Its charging cost for three years would be INR 15,000- 17,000 for 2000-2200 units of electricity. But, this cost of the customer is saved due to an e-bike’s low maintenance. Therefore, at the end of 3 years, customer saves around INR 1,50,000 with an eco-friendly e-bike.

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